The CRUSE “ST Series”

Scanner for highest demands

CRUSE GmbH in Wachtberg, Germany manufactures scanners for special demands. The quality of the image data with relatively small file sizes excels previously known scanner models and is therefore considered a benchmark. Furthermore, a CRUSE scanner replaces a drum scanner in its reproduction quality, since objects are captured directly and without any illumination or handling problems.

Product Types

  • CS Synchron Table ST

    CS 130-295 ST – The ultimate solution for large format reproduction of originals that measure 150 x 250 cm or more.

  • Cruse Portal 2D + 3D

    Generate a color and a height image in one single step

  • CS ST E300 Economy

    The “little brother” in the SYNCHRON TABLE family with fixed 300 dpi resolution.

  • Please also note CS SYNCHRON TABLE Repro Decor scanner and the wall scanner!

CRUSE Portal 2D & 3D

Flatbed Scanner in different versions

The line-scan digital camera technology enables simultaneous captures of 2D and 3D Color Image structures at highspeed and in high resolution – even from large originals of up to 150 x 200 cm. Our portal scanner 2D & 3D can be applied in design departments of large industrial enterprises, in the cylinder industry and increasingly in the examination, indication, and measurement of micro-defects on surfaces. The simultaneous detection of height and color is a major advantage for the inspection of these data. In the museum field, this technology offers entirely new possibilities for archiving valuable originals in 2D and 3D.


  • Highspeed scanning for 2D and 3D.

  • Data-output in two different files (RGB Color Image and grayscale height map 16bit) from one original.

  • Maximum optical resolution / lateral resolution corresponds to 15 µm or 1700 dpi.

  • We offer this system with an optical resolution of 30 µm.

  • Three different camera options.

CRUSE Portal 2D

Do you want to digitalize large drafts at high speed and resolution (for example, 600 dpi)? Due to the high-sensitivity color line sensor, we achieve the best picture quality!

CRUSE Wall Scanner

Too large motives? What’s that?

With the CRUSE wall scanner, you can scan ultra large pictures and mural paintings. After determining a starting and a final point, the wall scanner starts skimming the model on a track system and scans it into a defined number of overlapping sections, which are put together afterwards.


  • Scan even oversized images and figures in excellent CRUSE quality.

  • A preview displays a scheme with the number and position for each scan section.

  • Setting up the bottom tracks and scan column via laser leveling system and assistance software.

  • After starting the recording sequence, the preview displays each scanning section separately.

  • The overlapping scan parts are then put together down to the pixel.