The CRUSE “ST Series”

CRUSE Scanner for highest demands

CRUSE GmbH in Wachtberg, Germany manufactures scanners for special demands. The quality of the image data with relatively small file sizes excels previously known scanner models and is therefore considered a benchmark. Furthermore, a CRUSE scanner replaces a drum scanner in its reproduction quality, since objects are captured directly and without any illumination or handling problems.

Product Types

  • CS Synchron Table ST

    CS 130-295 ST – The ultimate solution for large format reproduction of originals that measure 150 x 250 cm or more.

  • Cruse Portal 2D + 3D

    Generate a color and a height image in one single step

  • CS ST E300 Economy

    The “little brother” in the SYNCHRON TABLE family with fixed 300 dpi resolution.

  • Please also note CS SYNCHRON TABLE Repro Decor scanner and the wall scanner!