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Since 1979 we develop and produce customized scanners for capturing large format originals. To achieve this goal, we produce almost 98% in-house while having an extreme vertical range of production. Therefore we can be called true manufacturers which we are proud of. Our main target group is the decor industry, service providers and also the protection of sensitive and historical documents and originals. With pride we look back on what we have achieved in past decades while looking forward upon the challenges of tomorrow. To be closer to our customers, we founded CRUSE North Digital America Corporation in 2017 and also opened a show room in India, March 2018. This is only the beginning of creating an international platform for further growth. 

Our Mission

is to satisfy our more than 750 customers worldwide with the latest technology. In the future, we will develop and produce new scanners for the decor industry. Our software department will launch new software tools every year so our customers can achieve better and faster results in order to compete at the highest levels. Workflow automation and design are two keyfigures here. 

We will release new innovations every year – feel free to cruise with CRUSE

Our 2019 Innovations 

  • Upgrade ST Scanner to ST 4.0 – Hardware upgrade improving scanning-quality 
  • Design Studio 2.4 – Improved standard software application 
  • Factory 3D – Improved professional software application
  • Hybrid 3D – Revolutional add-on to CRUSE Factory 3D with even higher depthscale while capturing more high quality details 
  • Surface Design powered by AVA – Application for creating and customizing designs
  • Image Manager – Manage, comment and share your Images on mobile devices
  • Image Manager 3D – The spectacular extension for 3D visualization of your designs on the Web

Since we “We love reality”! 

We also imagine very well that quality control systems will be another crucial factor for sustainable growth. Innovation means listening to markets and customer needs. Your feedback and comments are key to stay one step ahead of our competitors. Please contact us

Synchron Table Scanner 4.0 + Synchron Table light

2D + 3D surface scanner with innovative software apps for the optimal workflow and finish of the scan data.


Standard or
High Resolution KiT

New extremely high-resolution and low-noise cameras.


Network ready


New REAR Light

For even more impressive textures and dramatic shadows on your scan templates.


Vacuum table

For sucking in non-flat objects.


Upgrade saftely

The unique modular design of the CRUSE scanner allows easy integration of updates



Ihre Originale werden mit konstanter Geschwindigkeit unter den Lichteinheiten bewegt und zeilenweise vom Sensor erfasst.


Light Angle Device

The individually mountable light deflectors create amazing texture and shadow effects.



This newly developed security system protects your scanner and its templates from damage.

Innovative large format scanners for the application areas of decor and design industry, art reproduction, museums and archives. High end digitization in 2D + 3D

The completely redesigned Synchron Table 4.0 Scanner (ST 4.0) has been further developed to meet the specific requirements of the decor industry and enables fast, high-quality, reliable and extremely user-friendly, decorative surfaces of natural wood and stones, wallpaper, textiles, etc. as well as its 3D Capture and output surfaces. The detailed recording of material surfaces – incredibly close to the original will inspire you. Create brilliant designs for floors, furniture, ceramics and many other applications. Let yourself be surprised by new technical innovations such as the high-resolution CMOS Low Noise Sensor and our new software packages.

Various functions

An overview of the diverse and user-friendly functions of our scanners.

Different Scan-Modes

With different texture and lighting settings, you can use group scans to create great designs.

Design Studio incl. Image Stacking

Optimize your daily workflow with an intelligent project and workflow management and create exceptional designs with Image Stacking

Design Studio 2.4

Includes all the software you need to control your CRUSE Synchron Table and easy-to-use software apps for data processing.

Determine before the actual scan which further processing steps you plan with your scan data. The innovative project and workflow management supports you with your daily scan jobs and makes the processes transparent and economical.

CRUSE Design Studio offers a variety of workflows and scanning capabilities with different lighting and texture settings as a single or group scan to capture high quality originals with accurate color data required by the decorating industry.

Scan Software – network ready

Scan at the Scan-PC and send your scan data over the network to another network computer to perform calculations for Image Stacking, Factory 3D / Hybrid 3D. Workflow Management controls all processes. Project management keeps your project up-to-date and clear.

New: Template Management

With template management, you can easily save recurring scan jobs as a template and load them into the software as needed. This saves time and makes daily scanning extremely user friendly.

Image Stacking

Interactively mix different scans until you get a color-accurate and natural-looking new design for your template.

Surface Designer

Stucture simulation

Using the structure simulation, designers can create, edit, and calculate 3D structures associated with their printing and creative process. Create accurate simulations of embossing, blown vinyl effects, fixed gap and puff printing effects, and more.

Create + Repeat

Create and Reapet offers the freedom to turn creative inspirations into true-to-life products with a variety of brushes, tools, filters, and vector options, while providing high-precision real-time rendering.

Factory 3D (optional)

Contains all tools for capturing, calculating and outputting surface textures of all kinds as well as the newly 3D Viewer

Factory (3D)

An all-new, easy-to-use 3D height calculator that integrates seamlessly with the workflow of DESIGN STUDIO

Use the Workflow Manager and the scan software to make the necessary scans with the two light deflectors. After scanning, the scans are automatically aligned and loaded into Factory for calculation.

In Factory you make the desired presettings. When exporting the calculations, you can select different output modes. The program’s highly intuitive and clear user interface, combined with innovative project and workflow management, not only provides high-level, high-level information with accurate color data, but also gloss, shadow and diffusion color data.

  • Passgenauer Farbscan

  • Niedrige Flatness

  • Hohe Flatness

It is possible to calculate the flatness in steps 1-7. With the low levels of flatness, a high dynamic range (originals with larger height differences) can be detected. At the high calculation levels, the gray levels are output in a narrower gray scale range.

New: Hybrid (3D)

Novel add-on to CRUSE Factory 3D with even higher depth scale, while capturing even more high-quality details.

Hybrid 3D combines the advantages of two well-established 3D calculation methods Photometric Stereo + Stereo Photogrammetry.

Multi-Modular 3D Scanning

Multi-Modular 3D Scanning for Imposing / Engraving, 3D Printing, Analyzing / Inspecting, Virtual Relighting, Web Publishing and Product Photography.

3D-Viewer (incl.)

View your scans and surface textures from all angles with the new CRUSE 3D Viewer. Modify in real time the light intensity, the angle of incidence, create gloss and change the height impression.

Create / modify projects

Create a new project from an existing grayscale calculation. In Factory, you also have the ability to load depth, color, or gloss sources into your project after editing. Create a batch of existing scan data.

Export Slices

Accurate acquisition of 3D elevation information for gravure roller manufacturers and the latest 3D surface printers. For the export of the calculations different output formats are available, like as depth. (tiff), depth slices (grayvalues), depth slice masks (b / w).

Slices: There are several ways to split the height information and output each layer as a single file.

Image Manager

Present, compare and rate your gigabyte-sized designs at full speed on your iPad or desktop. Now with 3D web viewer

See sharper than ever!

CIM Enterprise is an easy to use app to display multi-gigabyte image files in unimaginable quality. Upload files to a server in seconds and download them to the highest resolution DeepZoom feature on your iPad.

Image Manager

Visualize your design on the web

The revolutionary add-on to the Image Manager: Present your designs with 3D data, lighting simulation and gloss effects on the Internet. Change the lighting and gloss effects in real time. Look at your design from all angles and convince your customers with a completely new way of presenting.

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