Room conditions for CRUSE Scanner

    • The floor needs to be stable and free of any kind of vibrations
    • Walls, ceiling and windows must be painted dark (black/dark grey) or covered, no external light sources should be visible
    • Room temperature needs to be 20 – 25°C. As temperature rises by permanent scanner usage (especially with LED lamps), the room must be air-conditioned
    • Indoor humidity should be at 70% max.
    • Dust-free environment if possible
    • Power supply: intrinsically safe current path 230V / 16A, 3 x 2.5 mm² with earthing
    • Direct connection with 3 x 2,5mm² or CEE
    • Sockets grounded

Configuration Scanner-PC

    • Processor: Intel CPU (e.G. i7 or Xeon)
    • Memory: minimum 8GB RAM
    • Highly efficient graphic card for image processing
    • Net work: 2 net work cards Gigabit LAN (one for the scanner and one for the homenet work)
    • Monitor 24 inch or larger (for true color presentation calibrateable e.g. Eizo Color Graphic Series)
    • Windows 7 / 64 bit
    • Adobe Photoshop CS6 or higher

Configuration SD-PC

    • Processor: Extremely powerful CPU with12 cores (6 cores by hyper-threading)
    • Memory: Minimum 64 GB RAM (the more RAM, the shorter the needed calculation time)
    • Hard disk: SSD for the operating system, faster Flash memory for a Swap Partition (e.g. PCIe-SSD), min 2 TB hard disk. One SD calculation generates a very high amount of temporarily needed data. If results have to be saved on this PC, much more memory will be requested.
    • Extremely powerful graphic card for image processing (e.g. Vidia Quadro Workstation 4 GB Cuda 2) monitor 24 inch or larger (calibrateable, e.g. Eizo Color Graphic Series)
    • Windows 7 / 64 bit or Win10 (no Mac)
    • Internet connection Adobe Photoshop CS6 or higher