Vary your Scans with Image Stacking

ImageStacking is a software developed by CRUSE to provide users with a tool to easily overlay individual scans. The idea is that you create a new “mix” from different object scan, e.g. with light from left, back and right.

Scan your object, which is only available for you for a short time, and create further impressions when the object has already left your location.

Using the CSx-Feature “group scan”, you create one scan that can be loaded into Image Stacking as an image library.

Now they will be aligned automatically

You choose three modes from the library and mix them intuitively by drag drag and drop or by entering specific percentages. Then you export this “new version” that was never scanned before. As the images for trying out new mixes do not need to be loaded completely, the performance is very high, even for six images of 3GB size. Data only have to be processed again for the export.

Memory requirements are much lower compared to Photoshop, since not all files have to be kept in memory at the same time. Exports can be converted into a freely selectable output color ranges. Our optimal standard CRUSE-RGB color range is included.

CRUSE Image Stacking Demo-Movie