The revolutionary add-on to CRUSE Factory 3D with even greater depth scaling and capture of higher-quality details. Hybrid 3D combines the advantages of two established 3D acquisition methods.

Advantages of CRUSE Hybrid 3D

Hybrid 3D captures 3D surface information even more accurately and with accurate elevation information. Easy and accurate export of slices.

Factory without Hybrid

(Photometric Stereo) uses 4 scans with different light directions

  • Many details at low resolution
  • fewer noise
  • More quickly
  • Lower dynamics
  • Discrepancies and jumps are smoothed out relatively high

Multi-Modular 3D Scanning

for Imposing / Engraving, 3D Printing, Analysis / Inspection, Virtual Relighting, Web Publishing and Product Photography

Factory with Hybrid

(Photometric Stereo + Stereo Photogrammetry) requires min. 4 scans with different light directions and one angle scan


  • Fast
  • Reliable absolute altitude values
  • Correct reproduction of edges and discontinuities
  • High dynamics

Stereo Results

Diffuse Color

Depth Calculation

Multi Light Channels

Add new light sources, change the angle of incidence and the intensity of light and shine, and get stunning views of your templates in the 3D viewer

Virtual light design:

Lighting design is often tedious, as physical light sources and objects must be physically manipulated. As an alternative, we present an interactive system that can virtually change the lighting and geometry of real and synthetic objects, including mixed real / virtual lighting and shadows.

  • Excellent light, shine and shading effects for your design
  • Output these as separate files
  • Simulate multiple light sources


  • View your artwork in different color modes (diffuse color + no color).


  • An additional scan allows you to capture and add gloss effects in the 3D viewer. This glossy information can be exported as a separate file.

Depth scale

  • Change the height impression of your template in the 3D viewer.