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Large format scanner – 3D scanner – Software

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CRUSE based in Wachtberg, Germany, founded in Rheinbach in 1979, develops and produces equipment to capture large format originals in highest quality and for particularly high demands.

CRUSE is an excellent partner for archives, architects, libraries, photographers, artists, museums, land registries, survey offices and industries such as decor, prepress, and packaging.

Each scanner is constructed in Germany individually according to the requirements of each customer.
This defines CRUSE quality as the international benchmark for scanning and reproducing large format originals. CRUSE scanners are installed in more than 30 countries worldwide.


ST-Series with front- & backlight

We recently invested in a new Cruse Large Format Scanner with LED light and Image Stacking Software for our decorative surface design facility.  We were pleased to have the opportunity to customize our lighting options to suit our needs and have found that the LED lighting offers the highest level of texture in our scans.  The versatility that can be achieved using different lighting modes ensures that we can provide scans that truly represent the look and feel of the original material.  Versus our previous Cruse scanner with fluorescent lighting, our scanning times have been greatly reduced with the use of LED lighting.  This has greatly increased our productivity and allows us to grow our portfolio at a much quicker rate.  The fidelity of our scans is extremely high quality giving our product the sharpness and clarity required in our industry. We are also very pleased with the Image Stacking Software, this software has added another dimension to our design development process.

Overall, we are very pleased with the LED lighting, our customized lighting options, our increased scanning capacity and outstanding image quality.  Cruse’s software and support are also remarkable and we appreciate the quality scanner they have built and proudly stand behind.


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Your High-Tech 2D + 3D True Color Scan Partner

Worldwide leading manufacturer of large format scanners

The only right choice for the decor industry, museums, art reproduction and archives

2D scans with an ultra realistic 3D look
Various lighting possibilities to capture every detail from your original with our Variable Texture Modes, Light Angle Device and Rear Light

Variable Reproduction Angle
Option for receiving originals at a defined viewing angle up to 15 deg

Photometric Stereo
Get even the finest details of the surface depth from low resolution scans!

Surface Detecting
Capture detailed and most accurate surface depth information!

Nasum – Color scan

Nasum – height map

Rough wood – Color scan

Rough wood – height map

Pink Tribal – Color scan

Pink tribal – height map

The scan specialists

Innovations from CRUSE Spezialmaschinen GmbH for

Decor industry

In prepress, one has long been dependent on good photos and their ektachromes.

Now high quality scans of original materials are possible with constant textures throughout the scan result, from the beginning to the end.


CRUSE produces special scanners for this sensitive area with a vertical table guide and various extra options. Thess exceptionally large scanners for up to 2 x 3 meters of scan area are ideal for recording high-quality templates, e.g. paintings, on which no objects are allowed above during scanning.

Art reproduction

The CRUSE ST scan technology has been developed for the special need of art reproduction and turned into the best solution for detecting paintings, watercolors, graphic art collections, collages, sculptures of up to 18 cm in height (thickness) and art of any other kind.

Archives & libraries

Multifunctional scanners to capture high-quality archival materials of all kinds. Especially for archives, we developed scanners to meet all requirements of the template. These modular and multifunctional scanners are particularly suitable for archival material to be scanned very gently with or without printing on glass.



Julia Marks

Grapichs Designer

John Baker


Chris Warren

Marketing specialist

See Original Scans in high resolution

in different scan modes with the CRUSE Image Viewer

Wood plank

Wallpaper “Roses”




White Marble

New offers 2018

CRUSE Quality Inspection – CRUSE pack shoot

Quality Inspection

On the market there are different manufacturers of 2D & 3D image acquisition devices and different software solutions for detecting errors within inline quality control.

Often, these supplier cannot provide customer-specific complete solutions

  • Capture the sequence with the desired specifications (image capture)
  • Evaluation of the collected data (software)
  • Construction of the appropriate structure (hardware)

from one source.

CRUSE is well known worldwide for its expertise in the detection of surfaces and projects in 2D and 3D. Due to the enormous production depth, customer-specific solutions can be created during the inline online surface inspection.

For this purpose, a team of experts is available knowing both, the existing image capture devices in the market and who develop customized solutions through their own software department, as well as the complete solution as a machine constructor installed at the customer’s premises.

Everything from a single source!

We are looking forward to your contact.

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NEW: CRUSE pack shoot

The CRUSE pack-shoot consists of a recording device with a controlled LED lighting system, a user-friendly software for creating the release masks, 360 ° HTML5 animations and the interaction with a camera of your choice. This all-in-one solution will help you to create pack shots, multi-angle views, and interactive 360-degree animations.

Any conventional SLR or digital camera, which has the so-called “tethered shooting” recording method (from the camera directly into the computer) can be used.

Innovative 3D scanners for the future

3D Photostation + 3D mobile scanner

CRUSE 3D Photostation

High degree of automation and full flexibility in the generation of 3D visualizations. Use the CRUSE 3D Photostation to create 3D models, high-quality pack shots and 360 ° product animations – in one operation.

Your High-Tech 2D + 3D True Color Scan Partner

Meeting all standards of working practice

Our professional state-of-the-art 3D scan solution allows the digitisation of any technical or artistic object. Intuitive software for automatic scanning and alignments as well as 3D file editing enable scanning of complex objects in just a few steps.

  • Multilevel scanning of objects by means of automated swivel arm. Create 3D models of objects up to approx. 25 x 25 x 25 cm.
  • LED light dome with more than 30 separately adjustable light channels and presets optimised for a large variety of objects and materials.
  • The CRUSE 3D Photostation is instantly ready to use, without any sophisticated calibration procedures needed.
  • Fixed working distance between camera and projector provide a high level of automation and perfect repeatability.
  • Silent, smooth rotation in both directions.


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