The decor industry is increasingly in need of high-quality 3D elevation information from wood, stone, textiles and wallpaper surfaces. With Factory you can cope with these growing demands and supply your customers with accurate height information and color data. Factory is a program for 3D calculation that is seamlessly integrated into the CRUSE Design Studio.

User interface with all tools

For the calculation of 3D information and the editing of lighting and color effects, you have access to intuitive and user-friendly tools via a user interface.

CRUSE Factory works on the basis of Photometric Stereo and has been programmed by our in-house software developers to provide you with an easy-to-use, fast tool for acquiring accurate height information from the surfaces of a variety of templates.

The clear user interface of Factory, in combination with the innovative design and workflow management of the design studio not only enables them to output accurate height information of their originals in grayscale (also as layers) with the corresponding custom-fit color data, but also the output of data with sheen, shadows and diffuse colors.

How it works

Use the Workflow Manager and Scan Software to create the scans you need using the two light deflectors [needed]. When scanning is completed, the scans are automatically aligned and loaded into Factory for calculation.