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Before the actual scanning process, determine which further processing steps you plan with your scan data. CRUSE Design Studio offers a variety of workflows and scan scans (group scans) for capturing originals for the reproduction or acquisition of elevation information with the accurate color data required by the decorating industry.

Design Studio processes all desired scan processes fully automatically one after the other, saves your data in a project file and the appropriate subfolders for each further processing step. After scanning the originals, the image data is automatically loaded into the preselected program for further processing. You always have complete control over your scan data and the respective processing steps. Via the visual interface with thumbnails or as a list, you have access to the created project data at any time with the Image Explorer. Control your scans with CRUSE Image Preview or a selected image editor, such as Photoshop.

At the heart of the CRUSE Design Studio is our extremely reliable and years-proven scanning software, which is characterized by stability and extreme reliability. Due to the wide range of settings, you will find the right scan modes for each of your projects with different exposure and light settings.

The decor industry, museums and archivists, museums and art reproduction have been using this high-quality scanning software for years in conjunction with the CRUSE Synchronous Table Scanner, which now provides the perfect foundation for their workflow and subsequent post-processing through the CRUSE Design Studio.

 Design Studio

  • Scan 5: Synchronous Table Scan Software with multiple scan modes for each material
  • Project Explorer: Each program has its own visual interface, where you can quickly load and manage the corresponding project files
  • Image Preview: Immediately control your generated data RGB Channels, Levels Correction, Color Pixel, Brightness
  • Image Stacking: Mix group scans interactively until you get color-accurate and natural looking new designs from their templates
  • Image Manager: Your final data can be loaded into Image Manager at the end of the workflow. Image Manager is an extremely powerful, web-based tool that allows you to manage, tag and personalize your customer data with state-of-the-art tile technology, instantaneously launching and downloading on the Internet in full resolution
  • Optional scanning software for Portal 2D + 3D and 3D Photostation.


  • Surface Detecting: Program for the acquisition and high-precision calculation of height information for the decor industry
  • Photometric Stereo: Create 3D elevation maps from their templates quickly and extremely user-friendly
  • 3D Viewer: View your scan data from possible angles with the new 3D Viewer

Design Studio

Design Studio

Includes the software you need to control your Cruse 2D or 3D scanner, as well as high-quality software apps for image processing.

Image Manager

Present, compare and rate your Gigabyte great designs at
full speed on your iPad or desktop.

Image Stacking

Interactively mix group scans until you get the desired, color-accurate and natural-looking new result of your scan data.


Photometric Stereo

Quickly and easily create 3D elevation maps from your various scan templates
using CRUSE Photometric Stereo

Surface Detecting

Program for the acquisition and high-precision calculation of height information for the decor industry

3D Viewer

View your scan data from possible angles with the new CRUSE 3D Viewer