CRUSE Scanners – The proven specialists for the decor industry

The CRUSE Synchron Table Scanner has been the industry standard for years, providing the ultimate digital content capture solution for wood flooring, furniture design, ceramic tile and laminate, wallpaper manufacturing and textiles.

With high-quality scans of original materials, which on one hand uniform textures or structures over the entire template from beginning to end, on the other hand but also exact color differences in very dark and very bright areas are required, there is no way past the CRUSE Synchron Table scanner.

With unique options such as the variable reproduction angle, additional LED lighting front and rear, the light deflector and LED rear light, the basic version Synchron Table Light has been continuously developed to meet the special requirements of the decor sector.

The totally new developed CRUSE Design Studio gives you all the tools you need to get the most out of your workflow.

With the Photometric Stereo and the Surface Detection option, this model can also be used to capture topographic surface textures. The data obtained are ideally suited for the reproduction of the respective relief in laminate flooring, furniture and traditional gravure roller manufacturers as well as for the latest 3D surface printers.

The CRUSE Synchron Table 4.0 brings you the very latest generation of CRUSE high-end scanners. The completely re-designed scanner with high-resolution I5K CMOS Low Noise Sensor and our new, innovative software packages set again high benchmarks in the usual CRUSE quality, making the Synchron Table scanner the first choice for all areas of applications of the decor industry.

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