CRUSE 3D Viewer

As a new tool, our development department has programmed the new CRUSE 3D Viewer with which you can edit and view your templates from all possible angles in the “Shaded” mode.

Use the lower scroll bar to navigate through the samples in the 3D Viever.


Any changes you make in the sidebar using the Light Position, Light Angle, Color (Shading Color), Gloss, Material Roughness, and Depth Scale settings will be displayed in real time. You can export your new result via the export menu to Factory. It will be displayed in the “Results folder” in the Project Explorer along with your other results.


Use the controls in “Light Position” to change the light intensity and the angle of incidence of the light.

Select “Diffuse Color” for a colored view without light settings.

Select “no color” for a view without color information.

Under “Gloss”, set the intensity of the gloss and texture of the material.

The “Depth” tab allows you to change the depth scaling factor and thus the appearance of the template.


Go to the 3D viewer
Select “Shaded” in the top drop-down menu

Tilting view
To tilt to the 3D view, press the scroll wheel and move it to the desired angle.

Zoom in / out
To zoom in or out, rotate the scroll wheel forward or backward.

Move the template with pressed left mouse button in the window

Shaded / Diffuse color

Shaded / no color

Gloss Mask