A flexible 3D scan solution

Our professional state-of-the-art 3D scan solution allows the digitization of any technical or artistic object. Intuitive software for automatic scanning and alignments as well as 3D file editing enable scanning of complex objects in just a few steps.

  • Saving time and money in your production stages.

  • Quickly capture the whole object by simply rotating the piece or the scanner.

  • Automatic alignment of single scans.

  • Color 3D Scan.

  • Output file formats:

    • .STL
    • .OBJ
    • .PLY
    • .OFF

  • Curves and section

    • .Iges

  • Compact and light scanner design.

Optional features


 Stand for rotary table


ResolutionFieldWorking distancePoint spacing
3.0 Mpx200450 mm (17.72″)97 μm
(2028 x 1536 px)250565 mm (22.24″)122 μm
300680 mm (26.77″)146 μm
350790 mm (31.1″)170 μm
400900 mm (35.43″)195 μm
4501115 mm (43.9″)219 μm


  • Automatic scanning and aligning.

  • 3D file editing tools.

  • Scaling factor management.

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