Color fidelity is a reason, why customers buy a CRUSE scanner

Color is crucial

CRUSE scanner will be delivered with the proven Color Management, based on:

  • Special color profile
  • CRUSE profiling Software
  • On the (difficult) CRUSE Chart Scanner an average of  ∆ E00< 1.0can be reached

“Experiments were performed to analyze the color accuracy of five camera systems used for museum image-archiving applications […] Only the [experimental] Sinar and CRUSE systems produced acceptable results, systems optimized for archival imaging […]”

Roy S. Berns, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Stanley Smith,
J. Paul Getty Museum (USA)

Analysis of Color Management Default Camera Profiles for Museum Imaging Applications

Color is complex

Many factors influence the color reproduction

  • LED Emission (Spectral distribution)
  • Light Optics
  • Filter
  • Lens
  • Camera Response
  • Camera Noise
  • Software
  • Profiling Software
  • Profiling

All these factors must be carefully designed and optimized.