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The ST Light scanner has been especially developed to meet special requirements of the ceramic and decor industry

Its magnetic copy board can carry objects with a weight of up to 150 kg. A light correction program allows to scan originals of different thicknesses.

The LED light system, together with the CRUSE professional ICC profile, guarantees best scanning results with the highest color fidelty you can get. Even more, using special light modes, like texture effect or light angle device, to capture the surface of objects in astonishing naturalness.

The fixed scan resolution for a maximum scan size of 84 x 120 cm is 300 / 600 ppi. Using CRUSE Image Stacking software you can generate fascinating results by mixing images captured in different modes.


  • CRUSE scanbox with a CCD 10,000 pixel
  • LED Light System
  • Copy board with magnetic stripes 84 x 120 cm
  • Max. object weight 150 kg
  • CRUSE Professional ICC Profiles
  • New: CRUSE Photometric Stereo
    To capture the 3D data from the surface
  • Light modes: left + right, texture effect
  • Light Angle Device
  • Fixed scan resolution with 300 / 600 ppi
  • New Software: Cruse Design Studio
    including Image Stacking
  • 24 month warranty*
    *Second year on spare parts

Scan resolution

Scanner typeMax. scan size
Max. resolution at max. size
Synchron Table Light84 x 120 cm300 / 600 ppi

Contact person

Jens Becker
Tel. +49 228 933975-0

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