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Worldwide leading manufacturer of High-End Large Format Scanner.
We are pleased to introduce our high-performance scanners for the decor- & design industry, museums, libraries and archives

Since 1979 we develop and produce customized scanners to capture large format originals for many different applications. Our mission „WE LOVE REALITY“ has been and will be to satisfy our worldwide over 600 clients with the newest scan technology and to meet the ever-increasing demands of the market for high-quality scan data.

Our highly skilled in-house design and engineering specialists work seamlessly together to keep our scanners up to date with cutting-edge scanning developments and easy-to-use scanning software and finishing tools at the highest level of today’s scanning technology.

We develop and produce almost 98% in-house and thus allows an extreme production depth and full control in production.
The unique modular design of the CRUSE scanner allows easy integration of updates. From production, we offer upgrade options for at least ten years.

High resolution scans of large originals (up to 200 x 300 cm), with maximum sharpness and 100% parallelism with a homogeneous and stable illumination of the scan area as well as an integrated ICC color management make our Synchron Table Scanner and Synchron Table Scanner Light the first choice in the areas of decor and design, art reproduction with precious original artwork from museums, galleries and archives with sensitive, historical documents.

Our software department has developed the CRUSE DESIGN STUDIO (CDS), a software with integrated project and workflow management, which automates all daily scanning tasks in predefined workflows for the most diverse tasks in an extremely user-friendly manner, saving time and thus making it more economical. IMAGE STACKING, a tool for innovatively mixing existing scans with different lighting and texture settings for new designs, is already integrated in CRUSE DESIGN STUDIO.

With CRUSE FACTORY (optional) you get a tool meeting all requirements of the decor industry. The calculation of high-quality 3D elevation information, even in high resolutions, for a most natural reproduction of embossed surfaces, such as the production of decorative wood or plastic laminates, stone tiles, wallpapers and pictures, becomes extremely easy with an automated workflow. Various export options or effects such as gloss (glossy), shadow (shady), together with the accurate color data, make your data unique and give you clear lead and competitive advantage over the competition in the area of decor & design.

We are very pleased about your interest in our products.
Arrange an appointment, free of obligation, by us in Wachtberg, to present our scanning technology and software applications “live”.
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Welcome to our booth at the INTERZUM

We would like to welcome you to our stand and demonstrate our innovations in the field of decor and design. Take advantage of the numerous capabilities of our synchronous table scanner and our software tools for exceptional finshing of your scan data to stand out from the competition.

CRUSE Spezialmaschinen GmbH /Wachtberg/ Germany

The Scan Specialists for the Decor-Industry

New: Synchrontable Scanner 4.0 – Completely redesigned with new 15K CMOS camera

Synchron Table 4.0

Developed for the highest demands on scanning technology for design industry, art reproduction, museums and archives.

The completely redesigned new Synchrontable 4.0 scanner (ST 4.0) was developed for the special requirements of the decor industry and makes it possible to quickly and extremely user friendly to capture and output decorative surfaces of natural wood and stones, wallpaper, textiles etc. as well as their 3D surfaces.

The detailed recording of material surfaces is incredibly close to the original will inspire them. Create brilliant designs for floors, furniture, ceramics and many other applications. Let yourself be surprised by new technical innovations such as the high resolution I5 K CMOS Low Noise Sensor and our new software packages.

Innovative scan software with workflow manager

Design Studio with special apps

Design Studio

Contains the scanning software you need to control your CRUSE Synchron Table and high-quality software apps for image processing.

Includes the software you need to control your Cruse 2D or 3D scanner, as well as high-quality software apps for image processing.
Before the actual scanning process, determine which further processing steps you plan with your scan data.

CRUSE Design Studio offers a variety of workflows and scan scans (group scans) for capturing originals for the reproduction or acquisition of elevation information with the accurate color data required by the decorating industry.

Image Stacking

Interactively mix group scans until you get the desired, color-accurate and natural-looking new result of your scan data.

Image Manager

Present, compare and rate your Gigabyte great designs at full speed on your iPad or desktop.


Includes all surface texture collection tools and the new developed 3D viewer


With CRUSE Factory, you get a 3D calculation program seamlessly integrated with Design Studio.

Use the Workflow Manager and scanning software to create the required scans using the two light deflectors. When scanning is complete, the scans are automatically aligned and loaded into Factory for calculation.

In Factory you make the desired presettings. When exporting the calculations, you can choose different output modes. The program’s highly intuitive and clear user interface, combined with innovative project and workflow management, not only enables high-level information to be delivered with accurate color data, but also delivers gloss, shadow and diffuse color data.

  • Matching color scan

  • Low Flatness

  • High Flatness

3D Viewer (incl.)

View your scan data and surface texture from all angles with the new CRUSE 3D Viewer.

Modify in real time the light intensity, the angle of incidence, create gloss and change the depths.

Surface Detecting

Program for the acquisition and high-precision calculation of height information for the decor industry


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